Temple City High School

Classes of 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964

May 6, 2002

This is the new Start Page for the Committee website within my pages at Tripod. Some of you have reported trouble accessing the files that I have been giving links to in my past announcements. Hopefully, having you all come through the front door of the site from this page will eliminate those problems. Please e-mail me if you have any technical difficulties with this.

The most important thing first:
We need to use the Master List of the members of all five classes assembled by Great Reunions to assist them in making sure it is as up-to-date as possible. We also need to have the committee members for each class form a subcommittee for that class and assign the responsibility for making personal contact with as many classmates as possible to encourage them to attend the reunion. There is certainly nothing wrong with dividing up the task or inviting other classmates who are not on the committee to share that work. Unfortunately, GR has combined the members of all five classes into one huge 114-page alphabetical list, so you are going to have to use your memory and your graduation program to figure out who is in your class and who isn't. Karen is sending me an update this week and I will post and announce it shortly.

Because of the way my scanner works, it was not possible to combine all the pages into a single file, so there is a link on the Table of Contents page to each separate page of the list. Also unfortunately (and noncorrectable by me, at least), the first two pages of the list have shown up at the very bottom of the Table of Contents. The rest of the Table of Contents is in order, however.

Here is the link to the table of contents page for the Master List . Here's a link to a page from Karen explaining what the codes on each classmember's entry mean. In order to read the pages, you need to have Adobe's Acrobat reader installed on your computer. It is free, and most people have it already. If you don't, here's the link where you can download and install it.

So that you can catch up on anything you've missed in the past as well as to have access to all the papers GR sent me, here are the links to the previous announcements. The links to the various GR documents are contained in each of these pages:

the October 7 announcement
the October 14 announcement
the February 10 announcement

Ignore the link to the Committee Roster in each of those announcements. The current corrected Committee Roster can be accessed here:


Don't forget to register at Rees Clark's TCHS alumni website:

Don't forget to save the List of Contacts and Deadlines to your own hard drive if you haven't already done so (for Netscape browsers that's done by right clicking the link above and choosing "Save Link As" then selecting an appropriate directory on your hard drive to put it -- the Desktop will do: you can move it later).

Oh, and of course if you don't have it already, here's the link to the reunion page at Great Reunions and to e-mail our coordinator Karen Baker directly.


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