Temple City High School

Classes of 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964

October 14, 2001

Okay. Here's the current status on where we stand with the things addressed in the October 7 announcement.

As you know from the e-mail that brought you here, Quila is the only member who has responded to any of the specific questions. However, I do have updates on some of the things addressed, so they are covered below.

Item 1

The first item for approval is the Invitation form (click the link to read it). The first blank item I notice is "Attire". I suppose we should decide whether we want it "Coat and Tie" or "California casual." My vote goes to the latter. Quila's vote goes to "Coat and Tie," but if the committee's decision is "casual," we can always specify "No Jeans or Capris, please." Quila wants to be identified with "Pat Dooling" in parentheses next to her name on the invitation along with identifying her as a member of 63, and I will set it forth on the form to be mailed in to GR.

Item 3

 list of suggested questions  As the linked form indicates, there are four questions allowed and we as a committee have to choose them. Let's get busy.

Item 5

Perhaps the most important communication in the packet GR sent me is the List of Contacts and Deadlines. Make sure you save this one to your own hard drive (for Netscape browsers that's done by right clicking the link above and choosing "Save Link As" then selecting an appropriate directory on your hard drive to put it -- the Desktop will do: you can move it later).

We are still behind on the deadline for providing the Yearbooks and Graduation Programs for 1960 and 1964. I have sent my copy of the 1960 yearbook to Robin along with a copy of the 1995 TCHS Alumni Directory, so Laura is relieved of that part of the responsibility, but not as to the 1960 Graduation Program. Laura, the 1960 grad program is highest priority at the moment. Anyone else out there who thinks they can find one please step up. Micki, see if you can get one from your sister. Sharyn, from any of your contacts. Mary Jane? Nancy?

And Jackie -- we're all older than you, so you are probably all on your own with regard to the Yearbook and Grad Program for 1964. Robin will need the 1964 yearbook in order to do picture tags etc. She can send you a FedEx envelope to ship it to her if you need it. Highest Priority -- must have them to GR during mid-October. Please.

Item 6

We need to think about whether we want to invite faculty members to the reunion. As the Deadline sheet says, the limit on invitees is 20. This isn't time-critical yet, but it's a Committee task for the future. And the unpleasant task of compiling a list of deceased classmates looms. The deadline for both of these would be May 5, 2002, five months before the reunion.

Quila has asked whether we want to limit invitations to just TCHS faculty or to include Oak Ave. or other teachers. Your opinions, please.

Item 8

Click here for an updated roster of the reunion committee (it's complete now). Save this to your hard drive.


Both the reunion page and the drop down menu on GR's website have now been updated to reflect that it is no longer just a 61-63 reunion.

Regarding the absolutely lame Ram graphic: I've talked to Chris. I have sent Robin my copy of the 1995 TCHS Alumni Directory along with the 1960 Yearbook and my copy of the reunion committee-produced booklet from the 1992 Reunion of 1961-63. So Chris will have access to both the belligerent Ram's head with TC sailor's cap and a fairly crudely lettered "Temple City Rams" in the surrounding circle as well as a b&w large graphic of the image at the top and bottom of this page. Committee -- if  you can figure out what I'm talking about, which of these (or any other graphic to which you have access) would you like on our materials?

I've posted announcements about our reunion at a couple national alumni and reunion websites and will continue to do so for the rest of those. Micki, have you posted the updated information about the date, location, and contact information on the TCHS 62 pages at Classmates.com (and if you're allowed access, the same message to the other classes)?

Procedure and Deadline for Responses

You can still share your ideas on all the topics with everyone by doing a "reply-all" to the e-mail of October 7. For your convenience, I have attached a text file to that message with the item headings as shown in the web announcement. Open it up, type in your responses as appropriate. Then with the e-mail open that I sent to you announcing this message, click on "reply-all" to open up a mail composition window with everyone's addresses already precomposed by your e-mailer. Cut and paste the message you have created directly into the mail composition window and send it off to us all. (For those of you whose e-mailing software views that attachment inline, the process is simpler. Just click on "reply all" to the original message, type your message under the various headings that will already be in your reply window, and send it off.

Please still feel free to respond to anyone's incoming reply messages so we can have an e-mail dialogue on these topics.

Since I have not heard from most you by the 6 a.m. Saturday, October 13 deadline, I will not be phoning you.

To the contrary, I am asking Quila to contact the remaining members of 1963 and 1964 and Sharyn to contact the other members of 1960-62 by telephone, solicit opinions on the issues covered in this and the 10/07 announcement, and report the results back to me (by phone or e-mail, I don't care). You can save Quila and Sharyn the trouble of contacting you if you would choose to respond to these messages by e-mail.

I'm not setting a deadline for any of this. If I don't get responses within what I feel is a reasonable time -- anywhere from a few days to a week, I am simply going to respond to GR's needed info by myself. And I really don't want to do that, because this is a committee after all.

Please do your part by engaging in this cyber process so we can keep actual meetings to a minimum. Again, I would be happy to hear your thoughts about whether we should engage in online meetings by scheduling a live "chat" at the TCHS Delphi.com site or some other site (i.e., have a cyber meeting) rather than trying to do this by separate e-mails. I can also post questions at Delphi in the form of polls where you can all register your vote on each question. If you're not already registered there, please do so immediately by clicking the foregoing link.

I have also posted an announcement about our reunion at the Delphi site. Click the link to see it (you have to register first if you haven't).

Frustratedly yours,


Richard A. Curtis (RememberClifford)
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