A Passion for Jazz

Clifford Brown Blowing

Clifford Brown

Forty-four Years of Listening . . .

My next door neighbor turned me on to jazz when I was 14 and a young reed player. He was in the US Air Force, leaving for his station in Greenland, so he left his collection of jazz records with me until his return four years later. The year was 1959. I was well-versed in the Glenn Miller repertoire of my high school dance band, but had never heard real jazz. Imagine, if you will, how awestruck I was to put those old 10-inch vinyls from the late Forties through the mid-Fifties on the record player for the first time and to be transported by the rising trumpet section bop lines of Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band, the frenetic energy of Art Blakey's 1954 "Night at Birdland" sessions with the young Clifford Brown, the magnificent interplays in the writing of Pete Rugolo, Bill Russo, and Bill Holman for the Kenton band of the early Fifties, and the pianoless counterpoint of the Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker Quartet.

Thus commenced my exploration of bop, hard bop, cool, modal, and the evolving styles up to the present. Love affairs developed along the way for Clifford Brown, John Coltrane, Frank Rosolino, Art Pepper, Count Basie, and more lately for bassist John Leitham, singer Karrin Allyson, and my contemporary Pete Christlieb.

Combined with a Love of Writing . . .

One of my other passions is writing. I think I'm pretty good at it.
So naturally I like to write about jazz.
You can find me often at Jazzonline in bbs discussions about jazz.
I'm also quite likely to post reviews of performances and CD's there.
I'm attempting to use these pages to present a collection of my
past reviews and to present new ones from time to time.
I hope you enjoy them.

RC's Reviews

Coming Soon!!to these webpages -- The Complete Illustrated Critical Rosolino Discography (critiques by yours truly)

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