Resources and Assistance

You want to start a Family Law case or one has been started that you now have to respond to. What are you going to do, and where are you going to turn for help?

You have several alternatives available to you to assist you in handling your case:

The court recognizes that for many people hiring an attorney is not an option, whether for economic reasons or for personal reasons. Nevertheless, the position of all of the Family Law webpages is:

You are at risk when you represent yourself in a court of law. If you cannot afford to obtain counsel to represent you, at least seek some form of legal advice before you set forth on your own.

Despite all the warnings, you have made the decision to represent yourself. Is there anywhere to find out some the things you need to know in handling your own case?

The Office of the Family Law Facilitator was created in 1998-99 for just those purposes, and there is a representative in each Los Angeles County courthouse in which Family Law cases are heard. Click the link above for locations, telephone numbers and hours.