How Do I Find an Attorney?

Unless you operate a business with the ongoing use of an attorney's advice, the need for legal counsel often arises in times of crisis. Competent legal representation is not something most people calmly shop for when their affairs are in order and their lives are peaceful. A major event usually creates the need for legal advice and/or representation. You have critical deadlines facing you, and your emotional condition may be interfering with your ability to make important decisions and choices, including choosing someone to provide you legal services. The recommendations of your friends and family may be helpful, and then again they may not. Often, following up on the haphazard leads you pick up from others turns out to be frustrating and time consuming.

There is a more organized way in which to narrow the search for the right attorney for you. Lawyer referral services are public service programs sponsored by bar associations, community groups, or legal service organizations. Most lawyer referral services charge a low or nominal fee to make an appointment for you to see a lawyer for approximately a half hour. If you decide to hire the lawyer, you will pay the regular attorney fee for the legal work you need. Many lawyer referral services offer specialists in various fields of law, such as personal injury and family law. Many programs have reduced fee plans for people who cannot afford the regular fees.

Lawyer referral services are usually listed in the yellow pages of your local telephone directory under "Attorney Referral Services," "Lawyer Referral Services," "Attorneys," or "Lawyers." You may find other referral services in your local phone book than the ones listed below. Only those listed below run programs that have met the standards set by the California State Bar for lawyer referral services and received State Bar approval, however.

Los Angeles County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Beverly Hills Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Burbank Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Glendale Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Long Beach Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Pasadena Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

San Fernando Valley Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

San Gabriel Valley Lawyer Referral Service

Santa Monica Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

South Bay Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

 Southeast District Bar Association Lawyers Referral Service

Asian American Lawyer Referral Service

Mexican-American Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer Referral Service of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center

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