Unless you qualify for and obtain a fee waiver (see below), you will have to pay the following fees for filing family law documents with the court. Here are some of the fees for filing papers in a proceeding for Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation, or Nullity in the Los Angeles County Superior Court effective January 1, 1999.

There are many other kinds of fees in addition to these fees. For additional information and to get the latest changes to any fee schedules, go to the Court's general Fee Page (use your "back" button on your browser to return here).

Family Law Filing Fees
For filing Petition $192.00
For filing a Response or other first paper (the first document of any type that you file if you are the Respondent in the case, that is, the person who did not file the case at its very beginning) $189.00
For filing a responsive declaration to a restraining order in a Family Law action (does not apply to cases that have only been filed under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act) $   5.00
For filing a motion or Order to Show Cause $ 23.00
For filing a Motion, Order to Show Cause, or other proceeding to modify or enforce custody or visitation judgment or order $ 43.00
There is no fee for most filings under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. 


If you cannot afford the court fees involved in your case, you may check the Judicial Council website for the latest information sheet on the waiver of court fees to see if you are eligible for a waiver of any of the Family Law fees due to lack of income. If you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver after reading the information sheet, you may download the following Judicial Council forms to fill out and present to the court to apply for the fee waiver.
It is necessary for you to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat viewer to access the Judicial Council forms from their website. Click the image below to do so.